Handles setting up access to SQLite database files as Data Sources in ColdFusion, and provides convenience functions for clearing and creating empty databases and also a rudimentary mapping of database rows to ColdFusion objects.


Edit metadata in an Epub file, and keep backups of entire original file within the file.

Instant WordPress Dev

WordPress development environment designed to be easy and fast to install. It provides a control panel in which you can create and destroy WordPress instances with just a few clicks.

Markdown Epub Builder

Use Pandoc and Calibre to compile Markdown text to Epub, with source included in the Epub.

Microsoft Access Date Picker

Date picker for Microsoft Access free of any external dependencies.

Microsoft Access GPG Usage Demo

Demo for calling GPG and FTP from a Microsoft Access application to push data updates to a central server.

Microsoft Access Table Optimizer

Quick and dirty procedure for optimizing the sizes of Text fields in Access tables (especially for imported data).

Microsoft Access Version Control Integration

Synchronize your Access Forms, Macros, Modules, Queries, and Reports with a version control system.

Music Stream Vote

an application for collecting votes on the currently playing track on any Internet radio station running Icecast that has an IRC chat room and a WordPress web site.

Progress MD5 Copy

Bash script that copies a file from one directory to another, while displaying progress and also writing (or checking) an MD5sum file.

Vbox Service Template

vbox-service-template is an init.d script template for running a VirtualBox machine as a service.

VBoxManage Lite

VBoxManage Lite is a wrapper script around VirtualBox's VBoxManage command, providing a more compact syntax for commonly used commands.

Zim Desktop Wiki for Windows

A Windows installer for Zim Desktop Wiki, a wiki-style notebook that uses local file storage.