Music Stream Vote

IRC_iconMusic Stream Vote is a WordPress plugin and IRC bot that collects votes on what’s playing now in your IceCast music station.



  • Poll IceCast .xspf URL for name of currently playing track every n seconds.
  • Announce track changes in an IRC chat room and post them to WordPress.
  • Allow chat room users to post votes from -5 to +5 on each played track. (One vote per person per play, undoable and changeable.)
  • Configurable IRC commands and responses (enable, disable, change response text) for “Say hi”, “Help”, “Vote”, “Unvote”, “Now Playing”, and “Stats”.
  • Report Top 10 tracks in chat room.
  • Report Top 100 tracks and last 24 hours of play on web site.
LicenseGPL 3
GPG KeyUse Brendan Kidwell's GPG key to verify the integrity of the tags in the source tree.
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Music Stream Vote 1.1

First stable release.
  • Abbreviated "!stats" output in chat room to cut down on getting kicked by channel minder bot.
  • Changed channel messages from the bot from PRIVMSG to NOTICE message type. Clients should/may color these message differently and skip NOTICEs when notifying the user that someone has talked.
  • Added documentation -- viewable in GitHub, in the source code, or inside the WordPress plugin's Settings screen.
  • Allow voting with no space between the vote command and the vote value (shortcut).
  • Allow the vote value to be surrounded by brackets, quotation marks, or whatever -- to avoid user confusion.
  • Allow extra input after the vote value; stored as comment in the vote table in the database for future enhancements.
  • Added tabs (sections) to the Settings screen for usability.
  • Allow IRC bot commands to enabled and disabled individually in the Settings screen. (For example, you may want to disable "!stats".)
  • Allow IRC bot responses to be always sent as a private message reply instead of to the channel, to avoid getting to chatty in the main channel during peak hours. Configurable in the Settings screen, seperate option per response type.

Change Log


Music Stream Vote 1.0

Deployed for OO show on 8 Nov 2013.

Change Log