Posted 12 March 2012 by Brendan Kidwell


ebmeta is a tool for editing metadata in an ebook file (Epub, Mobipocket, or PDF). When the first edit is made, the entire ebook file is backed up to ./.backup/FILE.backup under the folder where the working file is, to allow for safely resetting.

Calibre and exiftool are used to write metadata changes to the ebook file, but ebmeta doesn't interact with any databases like your Calibre library. ebmeta allows you to edit metadata in your ebook library directly in your file collection.

Fields that are available for editing in Epub files are:

  • title; title sort
  • authors; author sort
  • publication date; publisher
  • book producer
  • isbn; uuid; language
  • tags; rating
  • series; series index
  • description

Fewer fields are available in Mobipocket and PDF files.

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