2 thoughts on “Getting Work Done in Zim

  1. Enjoyed your presentation notes which are an accurate and efficient explanation of Zim. I hadn’t noticed that Zim doesn’t produce compliant HTML and will try the Pandoc procedure. But I have had a lot of trouble with all the Zim export templates except the (rather ugly) default ones. Notably, I can’t make the S5 export work. It seems to be putting class=page where it should be class=slide. I have tried modifying the template but problems remain that I can’t get at readily. As a notetaker (task list, journal and so much more) Zim is the best I have found because it is very lightweight and fast. ConnectedText is better, but too complicated and much too heavy a memory footprint. If you have no desire to export anything, and don’t mind green headings, its simplicity is great. But if you want to go beyond that, you start looking for other tools again. — ay

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