icon: icon.pngadminer-sqlite-loginLogin plugin for Adminer to access SQLite databases authenticated with a global password.
icon: icon.pngcfsqliteHandles setting up access to SQLite database files as Data Sources in ColdFusion, and provides convenience functions for clearing and creating empty databases and also a rudimentary mapping of database rows to ColdFusion objects.
icon: icon.pngDokuWiki Plugin: Link Page ChildA syntax plugin for DokuWiki that adds a small behavior to how paths in page links and media links are interpreted, interpreting ''::'' at the start of the path as "a sub-namespace under the current namespace, named for the current page". This makes it easy to lay out your attachments like Zim Desktop Wiki does -- attachments are in a folder named for the page containing them.
icon: icon.pngebmetaEdit metadata in an Epub file, and keep backups of entire original file within the file.
icon: icon.pngInstant WordPress DevWordPress development environment designed to be easy and fast to install. It provides a control panel in which you can create and destroy WordPress instances with just a few clicks.
icon: icon.pngMarkdown Epub BuilderUse Pandoc and Calibre to compile Markdown text to Epub, with source included in the Epub.
icon: icon.pngMicrosoft Access Date PickerDate picker for Microsoft Access free of any external dependencies.
icon: icon.pngMicrosoft Access GPG Usage DemoDemo for calling GPG and FTP from a Microsoft Access application to push data updates to a central server.
icon: icon.pngMicrosoft Access Table OptimizerQuick and dirty procedure for optimizing the sizes of Text fields in Access tables (especially for imported data).
icon: icon.pngMicrosoft Access Version Control IntegrationSynchronize your Access Forms, Macros, Modules, Queries, and Reports with a version control system.
icon: icon.pngMusic Stream VoteAn application for collecting votes on the currently playing track on any Internet radio station running Icecast that has an IRC chat room and a WordPress web site.
icon: icon.pngProgress MD5 CopyBash script that copies a file from one directory to another, while displaying progress and also writing (or checking) an MD5sum file.
icon: icon.pngVbox Service Templatevbox-service-template is an init.d script template for running a VirtualBox machine as a service.
icon: icon.pngVBoxManage LiteVBoxManage Lite is a wrapper script around VirtualBox's VBoxManage command, providing a more compact syntax for commonly used commands.
icon: icon.pngZim Desktop Wiki for WindowsA Windows installer for Zim Desktop Wiki, a wiki-style notebook that uses local file storage.