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 +creator = Brendan Kidwell
 +&date created = 2013-11-13
 +&date updated = 2013-11-13
 +{{tag>​irc icecast php wordpress}}
 +====== Music Stream Vote ======
 +{{ ::​icon.png?​nolink|}} **Music Stream Vote** is a WordPress plugin and IRC bot that collects votes on what's playing now in your IceCast music station.
 +  * Poll IceCast ''​.xspf''​ URL for name of currently playing track every //n// seconds.
 +  * Announce track changes in an IRC chat room and post them to WordPress.
 +  * Allow chat room users to post votes from -5 to +5 on each played track. (One vote per person per play, undoable and changeable.)
 +  * Configurable IRC commands and responses (enable, disable, change response text) for "Say hi", "​Help",​ "​Vote",​ "​Unvote",​ "Now Playing",​ and "​Stats"​.
 +  * Report Top 10 tracks in chat room.
 +  * Report Top 100 tracks and last 24 hours of play on web site.
 +---- dataentry software ----
 +Project Home Page_url : https://​github.com/​bkidwell/​music-stream-vote/​issues
 +Issue Tracker_url ​    : https://​github.com/​bkidwell/​music-stream-vote/​issues
 +License Type          : GPL3
 +License_url ​          : https://​github.com/​bkidwell/​music-stream-vote/​blob/​master/​gpl3.txt
 +Description_hidden ​   : An application for collecting votes on the currently playing track on any Internet radio station running Icecast that has an IRC chat room and a WordPress web site.
 +Icon_img ​             : :​software:​music-stream-vote:​icon.png