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 +creator = Brendan Kidwell
 +&date created = 2003-03-15
 +&date updated = 2003-03-15
 +{{tag>microsoft-access gpg encryption}}
 +====== Microsoft Access GPG Usage Demo ======
 +{{ ::icon.png?nolink|}} This Microsoft Access application demonstrates how to use the GNU Privacy Guard, available for free at [[http://www.gnupg.org|www.gnupg.org]], to send encrypted database updates to a central FTP server. You must follow the installation instructions in this file before the program will work.
 +---- dataentry software ----
 +Project Home Page_url : https://github.com/bkidwell/msaccess-gpg-demo
 +Issue Tracker_url     : https://github.com/bkidwell/msaccess-gpg-demo/issues
 +License Type          : BSD
 +License_url           : https://github.com/bkidwell/msaccess-gpg-demo/blob/master/LICENSE.txt
 +Description_hidden    : Demo for calling GPG and FTP from a Microsoft Access application to push data updates to a central server.
 +Icon_img              : :software:microsoft-access-gpg-usage-demo:icon.png