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 +creator = Brendan Kidwell
 +&date created = 2012-03-12
 +&date updated = 2012-03-12
 +{{tag>​ebook epub pdf mobipocket calibre}}
 +====== ebmeta ======
 +{{ ::​icon.png?​nolink|}} <wrap file>​ebmeta</​wrap>​ is a tool for editing metadata in an ebook file (Epub, Mobipocket, or PDF). When the first edit is made, the entire ebook file is backed up to <wrap file>​./​.backup/​FILE.backup</​wrap>​ under the folder where the working file is, to allow for safely resetting.
 +Calibre and exiftool are used to write metadata changes to the ebook file, but ebmeta doesn'​t interact with any databases like your Calibre library. <wrap file>​ebmeta</​wrap>​ allows you to edit metadata in your ebook library directly in your file collection.
 +Fields that are available for editing in Epub files are:
 +  * title; title sort
 +  * authors; author sort
 +  * publication date; publisher
 +  * book producer
 +  * isbn; uuid; language
 +  * tags; rating
 +  * series; series index
 +  * description
 +Fewer fields are available in Mobipocket and PDF files.
 +---- dataentry software ----
 +Project Home Page_url : https://​github.com/​bkidwell/​ebmeta
 +Issue Tracker_url ​    : https://​github.com/​bkidwell/​ebmeta/​issues
 +License Type          : BSD
 +License_url ​          : https://​github.com/​bkidwell/​ebmeta/​blob/​master/​LICENSE.txt
 +Description_hidden ​   : Edit metadata in an Epub file, and keep backups of entire original file within the file.
 +Icon_img ​             : :​software:​ebmeta:​icon.png