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 +creator = Brendan Kidwell
 +&date created = 2001-12-17
 +{{tag>​abstract-algebra cheat-sheet}}
 +====== Abstract Algebra Cheat Sheet ======
 +Here's a {{ ::​abstract-algebra-cheat-sheet.pdf |cheat sheet}} ​ I composed for my abstract algebra final this morning. It's a bit late to post it here, and I hope everyone who would have been interested managed to get a hold of it last night, but hey, it might be useful to some Internet traveller too. Enjoy.
 +(2002-09-09) P.S. I just wanted to add, in case anyone'​s wondering, that this was an open-book test. Also, Thanks to Dr. Ward Heilman, the instructor for the course, for the beautiful class notes on which this cheat sheet is based. Oh, and I exported the file from Star Office again, with some corrections,​ and this time as PDF, using the free program [[http://​www.pdf995.com|Pdf995]] --- so it's half the size of the old HTML version.