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-creator = Brendan Kidwell 
-&date created = 2018-06-23 
-====== Colophon ====== 
-This was created originally in DokuWiki, ported over to WordPress and lived there for a few years, and ported back to [[https://​www.dokuwiki.org/​|DokuWiki]] in 2018. 
-Glump.net'​s DokuWiki theme is [[https://​www.dokuwiki.org/​template:​bootstrap3|Bootstrap3]]. 
-Glump.net'​s logo is remixed from "​[[http://​www.commitstrip.com/​en/​2014/​08/​26/​those-very-small-things-that-can-set-coders-off/​|Those very small things that can set coders off]]" by [[http://​www.commitstrip.com/​|CommitStrip]]. 
-All original content on Glump.net (excluding comments) is subject to the following copyright statement: 
-> Copyright 2018 Brendan Kidwell 
-> Some rights reserved. Licensed under the [[http://​creativecommons.org/​licenses/​by-nc-sa/​4.0/​|Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 4.0 International]] license. 
-Comments on Glump.net are owned by their original authors, who reserve all rights. 
-Glump.net'​s is hosted at [[https://​www.dreamhost.com/​|DreamHost]].