Posted 14 April 2013 by Brendan Kidwell

New Web Site!

I’ve been working on rebuilding my web site as a portfolio, in WordPress, for at least a year now, and I’ve finally managed to finish the project and go live with it!

Previously, I had a number of articles and some software hosted under a DokuWiki installation on this domain. I also had a blog running on the domain itproblemchild.com; I let the domain expire a while ago and merged its contents into this site.

The new site features much nicer presentation of my software projects, with each Software item containing 0 or more Releases. (Minor projects without clearly defined releases just have a pointer to the current version.)

Michael Simoni, 2014-02-02 18:14

I noticed you have multple pages each with multiple posts. I was wondering if you could tell me how you did this.
I have a wordpress site but so far I have only been able to ascribe multiple post to one page. The "blog: page.
Also, if your security posture allows it, can you tell me what wordpress theme you are using? If the theme allows the ability to put multiple posts on different pages then I can do the rest.
Also, thanks for the Zim information it was very useful.

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