Posted 5 August 2018 by Brendan Kidwell

Migrated to DokuWiki

Over the years I've grown frustrated with hosting this site in a WordPress instance. I have two major issues with using WordPress for my own personal web site:

  • WordPress doesn't support editing the web site offline in a separate application instance, and then pushing updates to the production instance.
  • WordPress doesn't provide easy simple support for external text editors via storing the primary copy of a page's source code in files in the filesystem.

I'm so happy to have completed migrating my site to DokuWiki, where both of those issues are resolved. Now I can edit my site offline in a DokuWiki instance running on my local machine, and I can edit pages in any text editor or IDE I choose. (I'm using Visual Studio Code today.) And to synchronize content between my development environment and the production site, I just need to use the Mercurual push and pull workflow, with a repository hosted on BitBucket.

I spent a lot of time over the past year converting my content from the old site and configuring DokuWiki to work the way I want it. Hopefully some time in the future I'll post a full howto about how I like to use DokuWiki to build a portfolio web site.

All old links to pages on the old site should still work. (Any links you have to images and other attachments may not work anymore.)

spooky, 2018-08-05 10:44

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