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 +creator = Brendan Kidwell
 +&date created = 2001-10-02
 +&date updated = 2001-10-02
 +{{tag>​academic_publication gis math}}
 +====== Predicting Transit Vehicle Arrival Times ======
 +This paper presents a computer algorithm for predicting the arrival times of public fixed-route buses at their stops, based on real-time observations of the vehicles’ geographic positions.
 +It is the product of my research in the [[http://​www.geographicslab.org/​|GeoGraphics Laboratory]] at [[http://​www.bridgew.edu/​Bridgewater State College]] over the summer of 2001, with a grant from the [[http://​www.bridgew.edu/​ATP/​|Bridgewater Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program]].
 +  * The {{::​predicting-transit-vehicle-arrivals.htm|main text}} (Also available in {{::​predicting-transit-vehicle-arrivals.sdw|Star Office format}})
 +  * {{::​predicting-transit-vehicle-arrivals.zip|Download the entire paper, with code examples}}