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 +creator = Brendan Kidwell
 +&date created = 2018-06-23
 +&date updated = 2018-06-23
 +====== About Brendan Kidwell ======
 +<WRAP left>
 +{{::​brendan-2005.jpg?​200&​direct}}\\ <wrap small>​[[http://​madowl.com/​|Brendan Kidwell © 2005 Jamie Taylor Novak]]\\ (ancient headshot)</​wrap>​
 +I'm a web developer and computer nerd in New York City. I'm originally from Boston. I have a B.S. degree in Mathematics with a minor in Computer Science from [[https://​www.bridgew.edu/​|Bridgewater State University]] (Massachusetts). My day job is building IT stuff for a big government policy research company. On the side, I hack on open source projects, write, and tell people they should ditch proprietary software.
 +**This web site does not accept commercial advertizing. I am not interested in your SEO and web site design services.**
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 +[[contact|Contact Information]]\\
 +{{:​contact:​brendan-kidwell-gpg-key.txt|GPG Public Key}}