Using a Work Diary to Prevent Project Chaos

Do you email work notes to yourself but can’t remember when or where you sent them? Have you ever spent hours trying to find a fact or a piece of evidence in your loose collection of text files and Word documents? Have you ever lost a thought entirely because it was never recorded at all?

People who do creative work at home or on the job should keep a work diary for recording things they’ve done and things they plan to do.

On 11 January 2018 I will give a presentation at the New York Amateur Computer Club monthly meeting, discussing an approach to setting up your own work diary and questions you should ask yourself while picking a software solution. We will explore some ideas for keeping a work diary using a free software application called Zim Desktop Wiki, in particular using its tagging, to-do list, and search features.

Here are my slides:

Check back here by 20 January 2018 for, hopefully:

  • Video!
  • A more texty articley version of the presentation

See also: Getting Work Done in Zim also on this blog.

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