Setup a Portable DokuWiki Instance in Windows

DokuWiki is a great wiki engine with minimal requirements that usually gets used to build small public web sites and teams’ documentation collections. It’s also a good place to keep your personal notes. This howto will show you the quickest way to get DokuWiki up and running in Windows, with a portable launcher script that […]

Share Your ownCloud Calendar with Your Friends

If you store your calendar in a personal ownCloud instance, you might be scratching your head about the question of how to share your calendar data semi-publicly with your circle of friends. Google Calendar provides URLs with unique unguessable public IDs in them, which can be subscribed without authentication in any compatible calendar client. Here’s […]

Getting Work Done in Zim

On 11 December 2013 I gave a talk about how to take notes and organize your thoughts in Zim Desktop Wiki, at the LibrePlanet Boston Desktop GNU/Linux Users Group. As soon as I get around to it, this page will be replaced by an article based on my talk, and hopefully audio and video of […]

Seamless Remote Linux Desktop in Windows

This howto describes how to setup your Windows desktop to login remotely to a Linux host and run programs in local desktop windows. In other words, you get seamless access to local and remote apps without jamming all your remote apps into a remote desktop window. You will even be able to run the XFCE […]

Setup VirtualBox as a Service in Linux

I run VirtualBox on my office desktop to provide not only a Windows desktop environment for sticky Windows-requiring apps, but also to provide MS SQL Server for my web development stack of JRun, ColdFusion, and MS SQL Server. As such, it would be useful to have an init script that starts and stops VirtualBox automatically […]