Setup a Portable DokuWiki Instance in Windows

DokuWiki is a great wiki engine with minimal requirements that usually gets used to build small public web sites and teams’ documentation collections. It’s also a good place to keep your personal notes. This howto will show you the quickest way to get DokuWiki up and running in Windows, with a portable launcher script that […]

Share Your ownCloud Calendar with Your Friends

If you store your calendar in a personal ownCloud instance, you might be scratching your head about the question of how to share your calendar data semi-publicly with your circle of friends. Google Calendar provides URLs with unique unguessable public IDs in them, which can be subscribed without authentication in any compatible calendar client. Here’s […]

Getting Work Done in Zim

On 11 December 2013 I gave a talk about how to take notes and organize your thoughts in Zim Desktop Wiki, at the LibrePlanet Boston Desktop GNU/Linux Users Group. As soon as I get around to it, this page will be replaced by an article based on my talk, and hopefully audio and video of […]

New Web Site!

I’ve been working on rebuilding my web site as a portfolio, in WordPress, for at least a year now, and I’ve¬†finally managed to finish the project and go live with it! Previously, I had a number of articles and some software hosted under a DokuWiki installation on this domain. I also had a blog running […]

Unboxing Dell Vostro V130 with Ubuntu Preloaded

A few weeks ago I bought a Toshiba Satellite T235D at MicroCenter, intending to remove Windows and install Ubuntu Linux on it. That didn’t work out and I ended up returning it and paying the restocking fee. After that debacle, I wanted to buy a computer that just works with Ubuntu, out of the box. […]